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Why Spring For A Limo?

Why should I pay more for a limo, you ask? Well, truly, once you add up all the components of the trip that we include in our price, it's barely more expensive -- if at all - than the standard tour. But, please bear this in mind -- While we all focus, of course, on the amazing destination of these tours, the harsh reality is that the majority of your day will be spent inside your tour vehicle. And not surprisingly, the number one complaint heard from guests who book tours on the mainland is the condition of the tour vehicles and the pain in getting from Point A to Point B.

So do you want to spend your day bouncing around in a circa 1980 panel van with no suspension, with a "driver/guide" yelling over his shoulder at you, or would you rather spend it gliding to your destination in luxury, with your favorite drink in hand? Isn’t that worth a couple extra bucks? It’s your vacation, after all !

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